Why Be Ready for Change?

When you invest in efficiency and process improvement, you are taking a major step. It will bring you closer to streamlined operational management and possibly give you a competitive edge. You could achieve this with your current systems but this is often realised with a new ERP, CRM or DMS system.

It is a journey of discovery with bumps in the road ahead.

The success of an implementation is mainly determined by your employees. Be Ready for Change has years of international experience in implementing successful tailored changes and supporting these projects.

10 Practical reasons to hire us

  • You are looking for a temporary interim employee in our field of expertise
  • You want to increase efficiency in your organisation
  • You will implement an independent software package selection
  • You will perform an ERP, CRM or DMS implementation
  • You want to know the status of your projects
  • You want to adopt a new working method
  • Your project has derailed and you want to bring it back on track
  • You will provide new products and/or services
  • You are looking for an innovative, smart training method
  • You want to develop eLearning modules

And furthermore you want to work with a partner who:

  • keeps agreements
  • does not like loose ends
  • gives advice as and when necessary
  • ensures that your staff will get involved in the project
  • has a proven track record in actual practice
  • has international experience

Where planning goes wrong

We can help you recognise the pitfalls. More often than not, we can identify essential errors just by looking at the planning of a project. If nevertheless implemented, such issues can only be resolved with a lot of effort and costs. The causes:

  • Lack of commitment from management, no sponsor
  • No clear case for change
  • No transparency and not problem owner
  • No clearly identifiable company strategy or adaptation to the project
  • No consensus about the strategy on a divisional or departmental level
  • System and processes are not attuned
  • IT and the business are not coordinated, or not properly coordinated
  • Company culture; afraid to take decisions, no rewards for good performancesFrom experience, we know that various things can go wrong in the implementation of a project. This may be caused by:

Why implementation goes wrong

  • The lack of urgency, focus or priority
  • Weak sponsorship
  • Compromises made too easily to settle unrest
  • Poor/insufficient communication
  • Repeating errors from the past
  • Underestimating the impact
  • Training is the only aspect of change management (too little too late)10 reasons to hire us

The resulting problem is that people, processes and systems become too disconnected. With our approach, we can help you prevent this from happening.

By involving us in your projects, you lower the risks associated with change, while improving the quality of result.