IT Projects

We effectuate all-encompassing solutions.

Thanks to our experience in ERP, CRM, DMS, Microsoft Office, cloud solutions and desktop support, we can go above and beyond the call of duty.    

It is a challenge to select the right technology and software programs. Many factors determine which solution is the best for your organisation. We know the markets for ERP, CRM and DMS well. We also know the market for IT technology, including cloud, Saas, on-premise, big data and security. Both for the business sector, semi-public sector and the government. Launching an IT project can seem like going on a journey, without having a clear picture where your final destination will be. We can help you in the selection and implementation phases to make sure you stay within your time and budget limits.

The way a project is set up in many cases determines the level of success. Our approach allows us to create a support base in the organisation for the solution. We pro-actively address all aspects of an IT project. From business case to process improvements and setting up the phase following the go-live.

Our approach minimises risks and maximises the measurable benefits after the go-live, so that the solution satisfies our stakeholders.

Many things can go wrong during an IT project. We have the knowledge and experience to get your project back on track. We negotiate with software providers if needed and make sure that your initiative yields results.

We provide Programme Managers, Project Leaders, Change Managers, Quality Advisers, Consultants or Training Specialists. An individual or a team from our network organisation.

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software implementation

project audits & quality assurance