If people, processes and systems become disconnected, costs will explode while quality plummets and people start to feel uninvolved. We have a plethora of learning solutions in our portfolio with which we can teach your employees all they need to know. 

Smart learning solutions are necessary to keep a check on IT training costs. Yet, funnily enough, organisations often opt for traditional solutions; training in classrooms to get acquainted with a new system. Or, a well-intentioned company training video showing several processes published on the intranet.

Our innovative approach increases acceptance among users and integrates learning with the daily use of a new system. We have developed methods and tools for ERP, CMS, DMS, Microsoft Office and SharePoint to quickly and efficiently teach end users what they need to know. Nothing more, nothing less.

Role-based, process-oriented

Depending on your goals, we establish a training strategy together. Documentation and training need to be integrated with daily operations for an optimal performance of your staff. We have developed a plan that is based on your processes, procedures, and employee's positions and responsibilities.

We have developed training programmes and documents with which you can connect people, processes and systems. This is to allow you to achieve your company goals.

Train the trainer

We prefer to involve your staff in the training process. After all, it’s your employees who are the actual subject matter experts. Therefore, we are proponents of the train-the-trainer model. We develop documents, which your trainers can use in their programmes. Our approach takes pressure away from the support organisation immediately following the go-live. It is a moment that must not be underestimated for the success of the implementation.

Our training approach ensure you will have

  • Properly functioning processes, systems and employees
  • Bespoke documentation and training material
  • Learning at the workplace based on relevant processes
  • A focus on the new process, made with the position of the employee in mind
  • A blended approach, live web-based training, classroom-based and eLearning
  • Performance support help system
  • Train the trainer concept
  • Quick reference cards
  • Good procedures to adjust material afterwards
  • Scorm-compliant (eLearning standard)
  • Your property, no IP issues


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