Deltek enthusiastic about new software add-on for Benelux

Banking module available, thanks to Be Ready For Change BV.

During the February 2016 Deltek User Group Meeting Benelux in Delft, Dutch company Be Ready For Change presented a welcome supplement to the Deltek business software. Be Ready For Change makes it possible to process all types of bank statements in Deltek Maconomy, by way of the ‘Todis Bankyer Module’.

In addition, the module also makes it possible to select payments directly from Maconomy and to get the payments ready for each bank.

The efficient processing of bank statements is of great importance: businesses match the statements to their incoming and outgoing invoices to ensure that the relevant payments have actually been paid. Manual data entry is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. Deltek Maconomy does not offer this functionality. Be Ready For Change now has a solution - for bank statements from all banks - which has already proven effective in actual practice. The module was developed by the Polish Todis. Be Ready For Change obtained the agency for the Benelux.

The ‘Bankyer Module’ automatically reads out all possible bank statements and processes the data in the Maconomy accounting system. Bank statements are read out and linked directly to outstanding purchase and sales invoices, to the accounting system, and to the correct projects. The module is safe, reliable and proves cost-effective.

Deltek is also incredibly enthusiastic. The company notices that Be Ready For Change actually closes a gap in Deltek Maconomy’s functionality. Be Ready For Change was therefore invited to present the module during the Benelux User Group Meeting which took place in Delft this week.

It is expected that Deltek’s clients in the Benelux will also be offered other supplementing modules in the near future. For more information please contact Arie Huisman, Be Ready For Change BV, 0+31 6 150 14 582

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